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1. Weed may make you more in touch with your feelings.


“When I started smoking, it started helping me feel a little more comfortable around other people and comfortable in my feelings,”. “It helped me know that I was cool in my own little world, that I should just go towards that instead of away from it.”

2. And allow you to cool down and surrender control.


“I’m antsy and kind of anxious. I do things really fast; my mind is always going ‘cause everything inspires me. Smoking weed helps me to slow down and stop trying to control things that I can’t. If you’re the type of person that’s really tense throughout life, it’ll relax you and make you think about everything that feels good.”

3. Getting high can help you make decisions with your gut.


“Weed helps me to tap into my true feelings and accept them, as opposed to thinking twice and reconsidering something that’s a natural instinct.”

4. And prioritize the things that matter.


“Weed helps you get out of your standard thought process. I’m able to better sort out my thoughts. Instead of everything seeming just like a big mess, I’m able to put things in order and attack them.”

5. Knowing what’s important may help you dedicate yourself to new responsibilities, like parenting.


Khalifa’s son with Amber Rose, Sebastian, is 14 months old. “Weed definitely helps me keep my priorities in order,” Khalifa said. “There are times to smoke and times not to smoke. Times not to smoke are when the baby’s around, or when I’m in the baby’s car. He’s got his carseat and his play things and I don’t want those to smell like herb. Time to smoke is any time other than that. I’ve learned a lot about being a parent [since his birth], but that’s what everybody does. I’m just doing my job. It’s not magic. If you have a kid, you take care of it.”

6. Weed can bring you closer with your friends.

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“I remember being a teenager and not feeling too comfortable around my peers, because I always felt different, I always felt like the things I was into kids around me weren’t into, and it was really looked at as cool. When I started smoking and chilling with my friends, we actually started talking and communicating.”

7. And connect you with people you’ve never met.


“You could be in an environment where you’re like, These people don’t like me. But then you spark up a joint and somebody says, ‘Wow that smells good’ and you instantly become friends. Weed is a real common ground between me and a lot of my fans. Rap, in general, is looked as an urban genre, but add pot and it becomes so multi-dimensional. Everybody can connect with that. The music is able to get to them, from that common ground.”

8. Getting high may allow you to hear music in new ways.


“You just pay attention to things that are kind of simple or minor in any other circumstance. When you’re high, you zone out on whatever’s important to you.”

9. And it might keep you in good shape.


“I’m pretty sure weed regulates my metabolism. Anything green is good for your body,” Khalifa said. Vegetables might help, too: “I eat really well. I don’t eat a lot of sugar or anything like that.”

10. You may also appreciate jars in a way you never had before.


“I love rolling joints. I love seeing big bags of weed. I love putting weed in jars. I don’t know why I have so many jars, but I’ve got a real jar collection.”

11. Ultimately, weed may help you say yes and set goals.


“Soon as I started, I figured that I wanted to be high for the rest of my life. It’s just a personal goal. That goal might change, but it hasn’t yet. A woman I know, I think she’s like 45, just started smoking weed, and she enjoys it so much. It’s never too late.”

12. But it can also help you know when to say no.

“A lot of people smoke and have really weird experiences and say, ‘Hey, it’s not for me.’ Some people have those experiences but they say, ‘I wanna try to keep pushing through them.’ It just depends on the person, and where you wanna be at in life.”

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