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First, a quick glance in the mirror to find that Mr. 3010 has already recorded four mixtapes which : « PREMIUM VOL 2 » et « PREMIUM VOL 3 ainsi que son dernier EP de 2013  » PROGRAM » who are successful by all of us and especially we find a clear trend through these projects. Not bad for a rapper than twenty years.

3010 style is a heartfelt Egotrip, arrogance and experiences. It is this versatility that is the strength of 3010, but also untapped style and then awkwardly France.

Indeed, throughout his projects, he cultivates the American fiber which he is proud and constantly pushing the limit with increasingly innovative as each other especially for french rap, also turn more « lover » who is friendly prods rare are those that we can say that their next lover does not want to give us a break crane, a small but original and authentic universe.

Indeed, the level of writing, 3010 has a work ethic singular, in contrast with the current prevailing in the French rap. This is his trademark, his flow his unique in France, If he manages to impose a world so easily, it is mainly because he built from scratch, in order to understand how the artist is not limited, he is 100% charge to create the instrumental level it lays up its innovative ultra flow.

Beatmaker talented rapper, 3010 is also the leader of a group, with his cronies, he composed the Eddy Hyde Gang with the motto « Hyde Or Die »


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