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– #BEEN TRILL is defined as a brand Streetwear collaborates with many known brands like PacSun, APC Jean Toitou (who also collaborated with Kanye West on this project), Hood By Air, ISUP and Diamond –

– The strong relationships with this group of RAP U.S. industry has made BEEN # TRILL one of the rising values ​​Streetwear, speaking by the clothes we find rather abstract conceptual creations with entries on most products. There are also collaborations with artists like Chief Keef (when he was incarcerated), but also Travis $ cott and Drake . –

– For all the women who loved the products BEEN TRILL they are again linked with PacSun, this time for a women collection exclusively « No Boys swim cap. » What you see below is available –


been-trill-no-boys-allowed-swim-capsule-collection-01-960x640-620x420 been-trill-no-boys-allowed-swim-capsule-collection-03-960x640-620x420 been-trill-no-boys-allowed-swim-capsule-collection-04-960x640-620x420 been-trill-no-boys-allowed-swim-capsule-collection-05-960x640-620x420

By – El Mexicano – Trad by Vince

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