Nouveau son « Extra » pour Cash Out !

Ca$h Out and his go-to producer, Inomek in da Kitchen, have come together for their first banger of the year. The production on « Extra » is gorgeous, as Inomek lets chilly-sounding chimes and bells create a mystical aura around the unorthodox stylings of Ca$h Out. Ca$h and Inomek have been developing this formula — using light, ornate sounds as a means of creating mean trap joints, and « Extra » is one of their best efforts yet.

Ca$h Out’s rapping on the record is relatively restrained, though he keeps things exciting with improvised shifts in flow, and biting lyrics at times when you’d least expect them. I’m fascinated to see if this icy-sounding record heats up the Atlanta club circuit.

TELECHARGER : Ca$h Out – Extra


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