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– Rick Owens has just delivered the first glimpses of his collaboration with adidas, one discovers a working and successful basketball right thing with its new shape and its new colors. The « Tech Runner » is a nice combination of avant-gardiste/futuriste next to Rick Owens and innovative and performance that Adidas is proud technologies. The designer reveals that the inspiration for this new pair has her aircraft fighter-bombers and it’s really successful! –

– The release is scheduled for July at a price of 800 $

rick owens/adidas adidas-by-rick-owens-fallwinter-2014-tech-runner-02-620x420 adidas-by-rick-owens-fallwinter-2014-tech-runner-03-620x420 adidas-by-rick-owens-fallwinter-2014-tech-runner-04-620x420

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