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Still a young shoot of French rap pointing the tip of his nose! Decidedly, the succession is prolific at this time.

Today, at 20, he has behind him a sacred journey into rap and already released his first album. Ideal for those who confess with humility: « I do not invent myself a life , i just want that you like lyrics. I’m not a chav , i’m a Hood Boy ». Here are a few rhymes how we can summarize the universe Dinos Punchlinovic and it is to his credit, It is finish the time when the rap was closed for the person who are not from the hood can do this art.For such a young rapper, which « shocked » directly, it is the quality of writing. Here is one of the main reasons why DINOS is our French Rookie of the week.
If Dinos is not necessarily the best kicker, who will have the most significant flow but he handles words with such surgical precision and connects rhymes with multiple meanings, so much so that sometimes it takes a few listens to really grasp all directions taken by the same sentence. Some of his punchlines can be analyzed and studied in a class of Literary, a highly developed dexterity, he took the opportunity to slide around much felt punchlines, often with humor.
It is one of the last signing DEFJAM France so we not care for him and we hope he will continue in this path or quality charter has so far always respected by Dinos!


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