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– Tokyo has always been a place apart for fashion, thus it is no surprise that the brand GIVENCHY opens official shop in this city, under the direction of Riccardo Ticsi the brand continues to evolve, these three last year the brand took on a new area in addressing the world of Hiphop, a bold but logical choice given the influence on fashion can have a Kanye West or Asap Rocky today –

– Much more refined than Versace and his side Bling Bling Givenchy remains a chic brand, but that seems to have chosen a completely different path in recent years, just like most of the Haute Couture brand you say except that Hermes holds in His image –

– The Shop is located right next to a building LVMH and a CELINE Shop, The judgment is required if you find yourself in Tokyo, the architecture is beautiful and the shop is huge –

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