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Goldlink is an artist of 22 years from Virginia, we find talented and original specifically, it immerses you in its own atmosphere (such ROME FORTUNE), it is able to flow as sick as CHANCE THE RAPPER, we will say no more. The artist start with his classes with several remixes on Soundcloud with quality electro rap trends. We may be talking about Rap Lounge at some point so its productions are similar to background music.
He said he was inspired by artists such as A Tribe Called Quest, Erykah Badu and Rick Ross.

Goldlink decides to drop God Complex his first free mixtape there a few weeks. A first solid project that proves he has a lot of talent and above all a world of his own.

With God Complex , Goldlink (the artist who almost never shows his face), supported talented producers continues to expand his musical universe. On « WHEN I DIE » (see playlist below) we find a sample of Brazilian funk, totally out of his natural habitat, overlooks air synths and bass earth, where the MC flies into a sung chorus ultrasucré that you’d ripped Ginuwine. This is both sexy and melancholy, a pure jewelry that you may ambiancer all summer, this is just one example among many other we advise you all to listen to this mixtape, you will leave very surprised and especially with a new artist to add to your Ipod / Iphone short the best thing is to make yourself the Goldlink experience.


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