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Kid Cudi gives his opinion on the latest events whose Bieber was actoring.
Reminder : Bieber declared himself addicted to the sizzurp. This syrup is made with codeine whose a lot of rappers are consumers.
J. Bieber had assaulted a paparazzi and vandalized a house in L.A…

During his interview with Esquire Magazine, Mr Solo Dolo declared himself had sometimes child reaction , but believes that Justin sometimes exceeds the limits since it was raised in show business.
Cud did odd jobs, so he knows how to respect the work of others.
He said about Bieber « He ain’t live

Here is the entirety of his words :

« I still do juvenile shit here and there. But I’m not doin’ no dumb shit, like pissing in mop buckets, because I got respect for people’s shit, and I lived a real life. I used to work at restaurants where I mopped the floor. Justin Bieber hasn’t worked a real job, ever, in his life. So he don’t know what it’s like to fill that mop bucket, go to work, see that motherfuckers didn’t clean it the night before and you have to pour it out and put clean water in there. He didn’t think about that, because he’s just a kid. He ain’t lived. »


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