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– Inspiration –

The Mind of Time is what inspires me, this kind of collective thought patterns and how it moves in the world, when I see what children speak to Paris or the music they listen to, I then the same thing in Tokyo, London, Los Angeles … You will find similarities between all these people, select the conversation and you will see that some are quite similar despite the differences in cultures.

– The Objective –

My goal is to transcend the outside, mixing high fashion and streetwear to surprise people in some way. I am very honored to be on sale in stores or I am already. These are the places that I love, so the goal for me is to cross a wider audience and just be a representative of what happens in the street, the goal is to expand our vision of fashion as well as the people around the world.

– Competitors Pyrex/Raf Simmons –

My idea from the beginning, it was not having any limit and mainly produce items that are sold in very limited quantity so that you can be proud to wear one of our pieces. I have this obsession of collecting, I’m a fan of the first pieces of Raf Simons, and I’m happy that Pyrex is a permanent installation. I like people who are fans of this brand can watch their product 1 or 5 years later and feel nostalgic somehow because we create unique pieces.

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