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– Using very iconic bandana print (paisley), Rik Villa is a young designer who has already 10 years of experience in the fashion world, it is fitting that printed all essential parts of a guard dress, the tank through summer dress he managed to transform each of his creations into a real breath of fresh air straight from Los Angeles –

– RIK VILLA has just delivered its first fashion show « RU The 1 » to present its new collections for men and women. His favorite pattern is now known that celebrities who wear its products (Asap Rocky, Wiz Khalifa …) All this is then spread like an epidemic in the world of fashion at the edge of obsession. His new collection now turns his attention around QR codes AND copies of notes level one is full color on white and gray shades of black that help support all these reasons without a clown –

– Have you ever thought that a small second paisley motifs or QR codes have fresh air on the clothes? Rik Villa thought so, and he did very well. Nicknamed the « RU the 1 » collection, Rik offers products handmade high quality that boast a strong appearance with a message sub-chatter. Offering vests, jackets, shorts, pants, hats, kilts, and many more – Rik Villa is a brand that is now lying in the trough of the wave but beware the storm may hit soon –

– The level close price is closer to the « haute couture » but most products are quality and still very affordable (Like Supreme). I recommend you make your purchase ASAP before everyone does door because this brand is a party to slap you in the face.
For what you see above and much more visit their online store.

rik villa nouvelle collection

– Auteur : El Mexicano trad by Vince –

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